Issues Purchasing and Downloading Content

Purchasing, downloading and redeeming content from the Xbox Live Marketplace, license transfers, and other billing questions.
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Issues Purchasing and Downloading Content

Postby N30Cr0n » Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:36 pm

Are you having issues purchasing content? If so, you've come to the right place. Take a look at the categories below and see if any of them help.

Table of Contents:

1. Marketplace is Unavailable
Keep in mind that the issue might not lie with your setup at all. Before going any further, head over to the Service Status page and make sure that the Xbox Live Marketplace is up and running.

2. Region Issues
In order to have the best experience on the marketplace, make sure that your account region and physical location match. Your account region was set when you first created your Gamertag and can be checked by going to and clicking on “Personal Information”.

If your account region no longer matches your physical location, you would have to create a new account to reflect your location. If you don’t currently live in an Xbox One supported region then you may continue to experience issues with purchasing or downloading from the marketplace.

I really shouldn’t be getting these region errors.
Are you sure? Positive? 100% certain that you don’t fall into any of the scenarios listed above?

Alright, please create or find a thread in this forum that describes your specific issue. Please include the following information:

Account region:
Physical region:
Internet Service Provider (ISP):
Content you are trying to download:

3. Billing Information
It is possible your account has a billing violation on it. This would prevent you from purchasing anything on the console or even redeeming prepaid codes. To check this, visit If you have a past-due balance, you can pay it off there or by contacting phone support.

If you are sure that all the information on the account and card are correct, you could try to remove the payment method and re-add it back to your account. You could also try using a different payment method. For tips on how to manage these payment options, take a gander at the Managing Payment Methods forum.

Alternatively, you could purchase a pre-paid card from a local retailer or online. These cards can be redeemed for Microsoft points, games, add-on content, or Xbox LIVE time.

I have tried everything and still can’t purchase content with my card.
If none of the above troubleshooting has helped you out, you can create a new post in this forum for Microsoft to take a look at. Please include the following information in your post so they can better assist you.

What are you trying to purchase?
What error code or message are you receiving (from the console)?
What region is your account?
What region do you physically connect from?

4. Age Issues
It says I'm under age.
First the obvious question: are you under age? If you are you can still gain access to T- and M-rated content on the Marketplace, but you will need your parents’ permission. They can set up your Online Safety settings to allow you access to content based on what they deem appropriate. Have them check out the Xbox One Family Information sticky for more information on these settings.

I created the account when I was under age, but I’m not any more.
Head over to the I just reached the age of majority for my country, and I want to make sure my parents can't control my account support article for more information.

But I'm not under aged!
Here’s a less obvious question: how old does Xbox LIVE think you are? When you created your account, you were asked to put in your birthday. If you are using a or email address, it may have automatically added the year, but still asked you for the month and day. Once set, this is your birthday and cannot be changed.

So, if you set the birth-date wrong, your account may treat you as a child based on this information. If it is incorrect you will have to create a new account with the correct information or wait until your account reaches the appropriate age of maturity for your region and then promote your account.

I don’t remember what birth-date I put in.
At this time there is no way for us to provide you with this information. If you can’t remember what birth-date you put in and you are now getting age-restriction messages when trying to purchase content, you may have accidentally put in the wrong date. The only way to fix this experience is to create a new account with the correct birth-date.

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