Welcome to the Smokin Gunz Forums!

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Welcome to the Smokin Gunz Forums!

Postby Webmaster » Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:09 am

Welcome to the Smokin Gunz Forums! These forums are provided by Smokin Gunz as a way for gamers and enthusiasts to connect with each other and talk about everything [SG] and Xbox. On the forums, you’ll find people from many different backgrounds and age groups, from 13 years of age (the minimum age for accessing the forums) to grandparents, or even great grandparents! Because of this, our primary goal is to provide a safe and friendly environment where anyone can feel free to post and communicate with others.

The Forums at smokingunz.co.uk are governed by these guidelines:

  1. Smokin Gunz Forum Guidelines
  2. Image/Video Posting Rules

The Smokin Gunz Forum Guidelines are specific to the Smokin Gunz forum platform itself. Included are some simple and common-sense rules, but also some things such as maximum allowable size of images, signature size, etc.

The Image/Video Posting Rules describe the guidelines for posting embedded Images and Videos on the forums.

Who can help me?
In the forums, you will run into users that are Forum Moderators. They’re here to serve the community, keep the forums family friendly, and answer whatever question you may have about the forums specifically.

If someone breaks the Code of Conduct on the forums you can report them by clicking the "Report this post" button. If you need to report abuse on the forums in a Private Message, please send a screenshot to [url=mailto:webmaster@smokingunz.co.uk]webmaster@sokingunz.co.uk[/url]. As always, do not engage violators on the forums or in PMs as this will most likely lead to more abusive content.

NOTE - do *not* report violations on Xbox LIVE via this alias. If you are being harassed on Xbox LIVE, please complete the steps on reporting the offenders directly on your console.

I can post images to the forums?
Yes you can! Please check out the image posting guidelines posted HERE.

Thank you!

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