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Smoking Gunz Forum Guidelines

Postby Webmaster » Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:32 pm

Guidelines Addendum to the Rules

Welcome to the Smokin Gunz forums. If you haven’t please take a moment to read over the Forum FAQ linked below to familiarize yourself with how to use the forums. We have forums for discussion and feedback as well as forums where you can get help and even give help if you know your stuff.

Here are a few examples of things to do and things not to do while you’re here. We hope you understand these are in place for the good of the community and to improve your experience here. Failure to follow these guidelines could mean some bad things and in some cases, an offence is extremely severe or high in number that it warrants further action outside the scope of a simple forum suspension. We don't like doing that and for most it won't be a problem. We do, however, love seeing you have fun and making new friends. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to PM a Moderator or Support Agent.

  • Be an example of a great poster for others to follow.
  • Post your comments, opinions and ideas in a constructive and respectful way. Don’t be afraid to jump in and add to a conversation. Introduce yourself. Meet people.
  • Please do not be rude and do not insult, berate, or comment upon anything personal to do with Admins, the MVP's, Mods or any other person who happens to post on this forum. If you think someone is wrong it may be because they are new, don't jump on them. Please be tactful and be civil.
  • Do not post or use profanity or any creative form of bypassing the word filters. Even if it’s ****** don’t post it.
  • You should not post your or anyone else’s personal information on these Forums including but not limited to name, physical or email address, age, phone number, credit card or sensitive log-in information. Furthermore, if any user asks you for personal information, such as the information detailed above, do not provide it.
  • Please do not "name and shame" users. If you see someone violating the Code of Conduct please do not publicly post an accusation. Instead, report it using the tools within the game or the file a complaint using your console. If the violation took place on the forums you may use the report feature.
  • Please use your better judgement when posting things. Do not reference controversial topics or world events. If you have to start your post with “I’m not trying to offend anyone but” take a second look at the post before deciding if it’s needed to get your point across.
  • Don’t commit personal attacks or post abusively towards others.
  • Please do not have a large percentage of your posts that are only negative rants against anything Smokin Gunz or its members. This is a form of trolling that only inflames the community and incites more flaming and abusive posts.
  • Do not flame or troll - Please do not try and provoke anyone into a fight. This includes posting condescending remarks or following people and replying to them to fuel a rivalry or continuing a discussion after it has gone downhill.
  • Do not engage users who are trolling and instead report it. Remember, if someone else is breaking rules it does not permit more rule breaking. Defending yourself isn't an excuse.
  • Please remember the vast majority of the posters on this forum are not in any way affiliated with Smokin Gunz.
  • Please do not spam. No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content.
  • You may not use the forums to trade codes, merchandise, services or any other trade-able item. This includes giving things away, holding contests etc.
  • Do not discuss topics that are not related to the topic of the forum.
  • Please do not start a thread in one forum, then cross post in another forum in an effort to increase your chances for a quick reply. If you mistakenly post in the wrong forum, don't worry, the mods will be more than happy to move your post to the appropriate forum.
  • Do not continue to use any posting style that is disruptive such as posting in all caps, leetspeak, overused memes, off topic banter/phrases etc.
  • Do not "Bump" a topic unnecessarily and more than once in 24-hours, If you do this it will result in the bump post being deleted.
  • You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages on the forums. You assume all responsibility from your posts, even if they are made by your little brother/sister/dog.
  • Do not create multiple forum accounts. Each person is allowed one account only. Alternate accounts will be permanently banned, and offending users will be subject to both temporary and permanent bans.
  • Please do not start any "Sign petition" threads, or "Poll" threads or solicit personal information from users. Please use the boards to start conversation about ideas or thoughts on Smoking Gunz or games. Starting a discussion is a much more meaningful way to get a response from the community. Phishing is against the ToU and asking for or posting personal information is always disallowed.
  • Please do not discuss or post about controversial social issues including but not limited to race, religion, topics or content of a sexual nature, hate speech illegal drugs/controlled substances, or illegal activities
  • Do not knowingly post misinformation, lies or false facts. Whether posted knowingly or unknowingly your post could be removed and you will be given an explanation.
  • Do not repost content a moderator has removed, repost a topic that has been locked, remove a post edited by a moderator or post about forum moderation decisions. If you have a question or concern about a forum moderation decision, please private message the applicable moderator.
  • Please do not advertise on the site. If you would like people to follow your blog, twitter, youtube or other social media outlet please create it in your forum signature and ensure the link will abide by the rules posted above.
  • Do not breach 'non disclosure agreements' (NDA). If you have agreed to accept the terms and conditions of NDA's then please respect the agreements you have committed to. This goes for any NDA regardless of the publishers. If you have feedback to provide then please do so in the relevant domain that may have been provided to you by those who you have entered the NDA with. If you have not been provided with a domain or feedback centre then simply withhold any discussion that would breach your Non Disclosure Agreement. This also applies to those who are not under NDA, meaning that you are not permitted to create or share information that is confidential to someone else.

Above all else, have fun, make friends and contribute to a great community. Please check back often as these rules will evolve to meet the needs of our constantly changing community. Thanks for stopping by and see you on the forums.

Smokin Gunz [SG] provide the Smoking Gunz Forums (or “Forums” for the purpose of this document) as a centralized community site for all Smokin Gunz fans to connect and discuss all manner of related information, including sharing both content and experiences offered across various mediums and products. The Forums are here for the benefit and enjoyment of all members, and are accessible to anyone who agrees to the following guidelines for access and participation to the Forums.

By participating in the Forums you agree to the Usage Guidelines (outlined below):

When communicating on the Forums, it’s important to stay on topic. These Forums have been created to provide a channel of communication across the entire spectrum of the Smokin Gunz fan base, specifically for the discussion of Xbox related topics. Please refrain from discussing personal matters, verbally abusing any company, product or individual, or from posting content which may be deemed inappropriate.

Posts created to “bump” existing discussions, posts created to bypass or workaround the word filter or posts created to duplicate existing discussions are expressly prohibited.

The Forums are an extension of the Smokin Gunz [SG] UK Gaming Group, and are intended to provide a positive experience for all members. Please make sure that you are not detracting from the community experience for any user. Your opinions are welcome, but refrain from personal attacks and harassment of other members, and from posting content which could be viewed as unlawful, threatening, pornographic, harmful, indecent, lewd, abusive and inflammatory.

All content posted on the Forums should maintain a helpful and courteous tone, and not be intended to provoke or flame other community members, moderators, or [SG] members. Polite queries will elicit polite and helpful responses. Ranting or insult-heavy posts are more likely to elicit commensurate responses from the community.

You should not post your or anyone else’s personal information on these Forums including but not limited to name, physical or email address, age, phone number, credit card or sensitive log-in information. Furthermore, if any user asks you for personal information, such as the information detailed above, do not provide it.

Additionally, the Forums are not to be used for the promotion of third-party services, products, websites and/or organizations. Please refrain from posting content that could be considered advertising, junk mail, spam, chain letters, or any other form of unauthorized solicitation. Also refrain from posting “Sign petition” or “poll” threads, and instead use a post to start a discussion. This is a much more meaningful way to engage the community.

When coming to the forums for help, try to first use the tools at your disposal to find good content that may have already been posted. Search, pinned posts (labeled “Sticky” and “Announcement”), and posts to the right of the forum view are great places to start. If you are unable to find relevant content, create a new post, and be very descriptive about your post in the subject or title. This will help others find what they want to read, and will help you get an answer.

Remember that any advice or recommendations offered on the Forums are those of the individual members, and they are not specifically endorsed by Smokin Gunz. It is each individual forum members’ responsibility to follow or not follow any advice or recommendation given by another user.

While the Forums may be reviewed by a moderator staff, the content therein is not guaranteed to be moderated or endorsed by Smokin Gunz. Smokin Gunz is responsible for any failure or delay in removing objectionable content or any content that is in violation of the aforementioned guidelines.

While the moderator staff do not generally edit conversations posted by members, they do retain the right to use judgement to determine if any conversations violate these Usage Guidelines. If conversations are deemed to be in violation of the aforementioned guidelines, the moderator staff can edit the content of the Forums in whatever way they see fit to protect the integrity of the Forums. It is your personal responsibility to be in possession of your account at all times, and the account owner is solely responsible for all Forums content.

Additionally, the responsible party for such violations can be temporarily suspended from posting or permanently banned (their Forums privileges permanently revoked), once the moderator staff has reviewed the conversations suspected to be in violation of the guidelines.

Part of your participation requires adherence to the guidelines as outlined above, but also requires that all users perform in an exemplary and commendable manner. Please make full use of the Report Abuse functionality of the Forums, which notifies moderators to objectionable content or any conversations which appear to be in violation of guidelines as outlined above.

From time to time, the moderator staff may designate certain members with leadership roles. This designation does not imply that Smokin Gunz endorse this person’s posts or comments. The designation only allows the community to know when a member has performed in an exemplary and commendable fashion, and may, on occasion, assist with monitoring the Forums to ensure its integrity is maintained.

Updated Feb 2014

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