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Forum Violations

Postby Webmaster » Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:25 am

In your time on the forums you may run across bad behaviour by other users. If you do, please report the post/thread and a Moderator will take care of it in a timely fashion. You may reach out to a Moderator directly if you have a problem of any sort, but if you file a complaint you can trust that a Moderator will see it. We have provided the following information for clarification of how we enforce against bad behaviour on the Smokin Gunz forums. Please note that not all violations are created equal and the forum Moderators and Staff reserve the right to take appropriate action when called upon to keep the forums safe and family friendly.

  • MINOR: A violation which can be considered a mistake or misunderstanding by the forum user. This is typically handled by the removal or editing of the post , a short suspension, and a warning message sent to the user through the private messaging system. Repeated offenses are additionally evaluated (depending on the circumstance) and will be discussed by forum Moderators and Admins.


  1. Attempting to bump a thread by responding to it.
  2. Double-posting a thread’s topic in a single forum or cross-posting in multiple forums.
  3. Posting personal information which could be considered a security risk to anyone, including the person posting.
  4. Posting content which is off-topic or unrelated to the existing thread or forum it is posted in.
  5. Promoting a product for sale, such as an app or game.
  6. Posting links to store fronts or other commercial websites.

  • MODERATE: A violation which is done with forethought and knowledge of the guidelines, or continued Minor Violations that defy previous warnings. These kinds of violations are handled by removing or editing the post. Multiple violations at this level can result in a permanent ban from the forums.


  1. Posting content which is incendiary, uncivil and divisive.
  2. Posting content which is harsh, argumentative, or insulting.
  3. Posting content which is potentially unethical (i.e. violent imagery or sexual innuendo).
  4. Soliciting Microsoft Points or LIVE codes from other users.
  5. Repeatedly questioning moderator actions in a public forum.
  6. Excessive use of profanity or vulgar wording (This is a family friendly environment).

  • MAJOR: A severe violation is done specifically in defiance of the forum guidelines or with the sole purpose of disrupting the forum and creating havoc. This can result in a temporary suspension or immediate permanent ban based on the severity.


  1. Attempting to usurp moderator and administrator authority. (If you have a problem, reach out to us directly)
  2. Posting any content which is unquestionably unethical (i.e. pornographic imagery.)
  3. Posting links to external sites promoting illegal activity (i.e. “msp generator” sites.)
  4. “Phishing” or otherwise soliciting personal information from other users.
  5. Trolling the forum by flooding it with insubordinate posts.
  6. Creating alternate accounts or aliasing in an effort to subvert a previous ban (i.e., ban-dodging), or to avoid a ban on a primary account.
  7. Unlawful infringement of any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual or proprietary right of any party.
  8. Fraudulently posing as a Smokin Gunz member.

In some cases, an offense is extremely severe that it warrants further action outside the scope of a simple forum suspension.

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