Image/Video Posting Rules

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Image/Video Posting Rules

Postby Webmaster » Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:06 pm

General Image/Video Posting:
- Cannot be offensive. If there is any question, then don't post it. Moderator decision is final.
- One image per post.
- 500 pixels wide or less.
- Cases of nudity, extremely offensive content such as racism, and spam/thread hijacking can result in punishments extending beyond just access to the Smokin Gunz forums.

Posting Images in Signatures:
- Same rules apply as above
- No animated .GIF images
- 125 pixels or less height. There may be some leniency here if you are over by a couple pixels. This rule is in place to limit thread hijacking threads with large signatures. Mods may edit your signature. Failure to comply after that can result in a suspension.

If you come across any posts that contain offensive images please use the tool at the end of the respective post to report as abusive so our Moderation team can take action as necessary.

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